About Hoops

The mission of Germantown HOOPS is to promote, enhance and provide assistance for the Germantown High School boys basketball program and to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of the student athletes.

a.  Increase community awareness of boys basketball
b.  Broaden involvement of parents and community
c.  Award scholarships to graduating senior athletes
d.  Raise funds in support of the boys basketball program
e.  Award funds to teams for items not covered by the school budget

Germantown HOOPS is a support group that aids in providing assistance to the boys’ basketball programs in Germantown, Wisconsin including both the Germantown School District boys basketball teams and the Germantown Boys Youth program.  Germantown HOOPS consists of present, past and future parents of players, alumni, coaches and fans of the Germantown Boys basketball program.

Our goal is to enhance the athletic, educational and personal growth experience of Germantown boys basketball players while promoting and fostering community spirit and pride in Germantown boys basketball.

Germantown Hoops is a partner with the Germantown Athletic Booster Club and the Germantown School District.

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